Language Environment

Faculty Members

Dr. Denis Combet, specialises in French language, literature and civilization. He has published in French XVIIth and XVIIIth century literature (France and Canada) and Metis Studies. He also enjoys teaching French cultural studies courses (Cinema, Youth literature and travel’s narrative).

Dr. Eftihia Mihelakis specialises in Comparative Literature (French and Québécois), critical theory, medical humanities, and feminist theory.

Dr. Dominique Hétu specialises in Comparative Literature (Intercultural Studies), ethics of care, women’s writing, and contemporary poetry, and French language instruction.

French Assistant

Furthermore, every year, the BU French program collaborates with the French Consulate by recruiting a language assistant. On top of giving tutorials and assisting the teaching staff in helping students reach their learning goals, the language assistant also organizes interactive communications workshops and hosts activities where students actively engage with different Francophone and French cultures.

A Committed Team

 The team is committed to ensuring support for every student entering the French Program and for the duration of his/her study at BU: we make sure that by the end of the second year, students will not only be able to speak and understand French; they will also be qualified to start reading great books and discussing their ideas in short essays and oral presentations.