The BU French and Francophone Studies Program is organized in three concentrations:

  • Language Studies Concentration
  • French and Francophone Studies Concentration
  • Theoretical Concentration.

Please consult the Course Calendar to see full course listings and descriptions.


With a minor concentration (3 or 4 years), students will acquire the skills to communicate in French and develop a knowledge of French and Francophone cultures.

With a major concentration (3 or 4 years), students will not only immerse themselves in a comprehensive program in higher learning, but they will also be able to choose various courses that will satisfy their interests.

With one of the two Certificates in French Language Proficiency (CFLP I and II), students will obtain the necessary practical and theoretical language skills to become efficient speakers and writers of French in their personal and professional lives.

The CFLP I is intended for students with limited or no previous knowledge of French, while the CFLP II pathway is designed for students who have acquired high school French.

Accordingly, the CFLP I is ideal for the beginning French learner. In contrast, the CFLP II will equip learners with a solid base of grammatical structures and oral communication skills for everyday workplace use. These certificates may be completed as a stand-alone program or as part of an undergraduate degree at BU.

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The Languages Department, in conjunction with the Department of Native Studies, is interested in the survival of Aboriginal languages in the Province.

Classes are available in the Cree, Ojibway, and Dakota languages native to the Province of Manitoba. These courses are part of the Native Studies major available at Brandon University.

Please consult the Course Calendar to see full course listings and descriptions.


Courses at the beginner and intermediate level are offered, depending upon demand and the availability of instructors:

  • Spanish
  • Latin
  • Hebrew


 Brandon University’s Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) program allows students who have gained university-level knowledge and skills through a personal endeavor or work experience to apply for academic credit. The program also allows students to apply for academic credit for non-formal learning attained through the completion of courses or certificates offered, for example, by professional associations, organizations, or government agencies.

Students who have completed French language studies or attained French language proficiency may be eligible to receive PLAR credit to achieve a Brandon University degree program or a Certificate in French Language Proficiency. To take advantage of this opportunity, students must apply for PLAR and complete a PLAR Assessment, such as the Department of Francophone Studies and Language’s placement test.

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