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The Master of Psychiatric Nursing program consists of 33 credit hours including completion of a thesis.  Of these, 6 credit hours are to be completed with an in-depth focus on ONE selected stream.

Streams are offered in:

  • advanced clinical practice,
  • administration,
  • and education.

The streams are supported by research courses which, when combined with content from the selected stream, will enable graduates to evaluate current practice and contribute to innovation in service delivery.

Required Core Courses

Course Credits
75 651 – Foundations for Advanced Psychiatric Nursing Practice 3
75.652 – Philosophical Basis for Advanced Practice 3
75.653 – Qualitative Health Research Methods 3
75.654 – Quantitative Health Research Methods 3
75.655 – Seminar Topics in Psychiatric Nursing 3
75.656 – Advanced Readings in Psychiatric Nursing 3

Required Courses in Stream

Psychiatric Nursing Practice Stream

Course Credits
75.657 – Advanced Clinical Practice in Psychiatric Nursing I 3
75:658 – Advanced Clinical Practice in Psychiatric Nursing II 3

Administration Stream

Course Credits
75.659 – Health Services Leadership & Administration I 3
75.660 – Health Services Leadership & Administration II 3

Education Stream

Course Credits
75:661 Advanced Nursing Education I 3
75:662 Advanced Nursing Education II 3


Course Credits
75:700 Graduate Thesis 9