Program Features

The Master of Psychiatric Nursing program is the first Graduate program launched by the Faculty of Health Studies. The program was approved in April 2010 and course delivery began in January 2011. The program builds directly on the expertise of psychiatric nurses and facilitates acquisition of desired roles.

features-640x320The MPN program offers streams in:

  • Leadership / administration;
  • Advanced clinical practice; and
  • Education.

Tailors learning to student interests

Each student’s program of study will be tailored to his or her interests and learning objectives. Tailoring of the program will occur through selection of a focus for the two courses in the chosen stream and an elective course specific to the students’ area of interest.

Incorporates practice into each stream

Each of the required courses in each stream will include a practicum experience to provide opportunities for application of course content to practice. The selection of the practicum experience sites will be negotiated between the student and the course instructor.

Draws on faculty expertise from across Canada

Faculty in the Faculty of Health Studies have substantial strength in the areas of administration, education, philosophy of practice and research methods. We also have faculty members who maintain their clinical practice through an independent practice. The expertise of existing faculty will be supplemented with the expertise of psychiatric nurses who work at other educational institutions or in advanced clinical practice roles. These individuals may participate as a member of a thesis advisory committee or deliver a course on a specialized topic through Brandon University. Students may also take relevant courses from these individuals at their home institution through the Western Dean’s Agreement. Brandon University also participates in the Canadian Graduate Student Research Mobility Agreement, which allows students to undertake research at participating Canadian universities.

Video Conference Room

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Facilitates program access through part-time study and distance learning

Students may select full-time or part-time study. Courses are offered in a hybrid format. Courses are delivered largely online with an annual 2-3 day on-campus session.

Recognizes existing knowledge and expertise

Students who have already completed graduate-level courses may be eligible for advanced placement. Students with extensive experience in their chosen stream may also be eligible for Prior Learning Assessment.

Prepares graduates for doctoral studies

The Master of Psychiatric Nursing program is a rigorous program. Each graduate of the MPN program will have demonstrated success in the conduct of thesis research to support doctoral study.