Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept international students?

The Master of Psychiatric Nursing program is currently open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.  At this time we do not accept applications from international students.

What do I need to take an online course?

Success in online learning depends on a number of factors, such as: ability to be self-directed; learning style (e.g. are you a visual learner?); study habits; technology skills; and computer equipment capability. Self-assessments are available online (e.g. Penn State Readiness for Online Learning). You are encouraged to conduct a self-assessment and use the results to evaluate your readiness for online learning.

Online learning also requires that you have regular access to a relatively recent computer and software, and high-speed internet access.

Can I start courses at any time through the year?

Courses in the MPN program are offered in specific terms, with start and end dates consistent with on-campus courses.

Can I work at my own pace?

Self-paced study is not available for the MPN program. Online discussion is a central feature of online graduate education. Students are expected to post their thoughts and respond to others’ posts. This means that you may have weekly deadlines. In addition, you may need to be available for some scheduled live discussions. Live discussion will be particularly important for clinical courses, and may be needed in other courses as well.

How often will the on-campus sessions be? How long will the sessions last?

Attendance at an annual 2-3 day on-campus session is required of all students. The session is held in Brandon.  The session is typically held during the week before the September long weekend. New students will attend on Monday and Tuesday, while returning students will attend on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In addition to course-related activities, the on-campus sessions will provide opportunities for program-related activities such as orientation to Brandon University and library instruction. The sessions will also enable students to connect with Brandon University supports and make connections / network with faculty and other students.

Can I challenge the degree requirement for entry to the Master of Psychiatric Nursing program?

An undergraduate degree from an accredited university is required for admission to the Master of Psychiatric Nursing program. The undergraduate degree can be in any relevant discipline.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The MPN program can be completed in as little as two years but students have up to six years to complete the program.  Coursework must be completed within four years.

Can I apply to the MPN program if I have not yet completed my undergraduate program?

At least one equivalent full-time year of practice experience in psychiatric nursing is required.

Can I take MPN courses if I have not been admitted to the program?

Brandon University will provide access to courses in the Master of Psychiatric Nursing program for students who have not been admitted to the program. Access will be useful for students who are waiting to apply to the program, or for students who want to take a few courses as continuing professional development. Most of the courses are available, subject to space. Access is subject to approval by the Course Instructor and Program Coordinator in order to ensure that students have a background that supports success in the course. 


Applicants must submit their request to the MPN Coordinator using the Application to take Graduate HS Courses form. The form will be accompanied by a current curriculum vitae, a letter of request indicating rationale for the request and background related to the course, as well as recent transcripts for all post-secondary education at all institutions except Brandon University.  Transcripts must be sent directly in a sealed envelope from the institution to the MPN coordinator. 

The curriculum vitae, letter of request, and recent transcripts will be reviewed by the course instructor(s) and the Program Coordinator to determine eligibility for the requested course(s).  Applicants will be notified by the Program Coordinator about decisions on eligibility for the course(s). Students who have been approved to take a course(s) will be contacted by the Office Assistant for the MPN program after the last date for registration by regular MPN students (August 1 for Fall term courses, December 7 for Winter term courses, and April 7 for Spring/Summer courses) to advise whether space is available in the desired course(s).  If the applicant does not have a Brandon University student number, then admission to Brandon University under Special Status is also required.  Information on admission to Brandon University can be obtained from  Transcripts, which have been received, will be forwarded to Admissions.

Please note: Successful completion of Graduate Health Studies courses does not guarantee admission to the MPN program. 

How much does the program cost?

The cost of graduate education at Brandon University compares very favorably with other graduate programs.  Specific costs will vary between students but can be calculated by considering tuition fees, travel costs, practicum costs, and equipment costs.

What financial support is available?

Each student has unique financial and personal circumstances.  Locating financial resources to support your studies will involve investigation of options that you are eligible for.  Some areas to investigate include support from employers and unions, student financial aid, scholarships, bursaries and awards.

Does the MPN program offer a course work only route?

All students in the Master of Psychiatric Nursing program will complete a graduate thesis.

Do I have to be present on campus?

All students are required to attend the annual 2-3 day on-campus session each year in order to meet residency requirements. The session is designed to establish connections with faculty and peers in addition to providing information and resources to support success in the MPN program.

The on-campus session is held Monday to Wednesday of the week before the September long weekend. Normally, new students attend on Monday and Tuesday, and returning students attend on Tuesday and Wednesday. Detailed information on activities will be provided to new and returning students in June.