Long Term Parking

There is no free parking on the Brandon University campus. When parked in University lots, vehicles must have a valid parking permits properly displayed (hanging from the rear view mirror) for that designated lot. Lots where hourly parking is permitted will be monitored by digital inquiry of the licence plate number or monitoring of the coin meter for ample time.

Long Term Park Permit Sale Dates

Faculty and Staff Parking Permits go on sale Thursday, July 20, 2023 at 1:00pm.

Student Parking Permits will go on sale in August 2023. Please keep an eye on your BU email inbox for important parking updates.

How to Purchase Long Term Parking

The following parking permits are available for purchase online only.

  • 12 month (Sep 1-Aug 31) – Sales usually open in mid July to early August each year.
  • 8 month (Sep 1-Apr 30) – Sales usually open in mid July to early August each year.
  • Fall Term (Sep 1-Dec 31) –  Sales usually open in mid July to early August each year.
  • Winter Term (Jan 1-Apr 30) – Sales usually open in mid December to early January each year.
  • Summer (May 1-Aug 31) – Please contact parking@brandonu.ca for these options.
  • 8 month (Jan 1- Aug 31) – These are not available online and you must contact parking@brandonu.ca for assistance.

In order to purchase online, faculty, staff, and students must register a user profile in our online parking program. If you are already a registered user, log in to apply online for Parking Permits.

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Parking Plans

Type12 Months8 Months1 Term
Serviced (Electrical Outlet)$415.00$377.50$226.50
Carpool Discount$332.00$302.00$181.20
Non Serviced$290.00$239.00$143.50
Carpool Discount$232.00$191.20$114.80
*Prices are subject to GST, except for students that are living on campus

12 Months (September 1st to August 31st), 8 Months (September 1st to April 30th), Term (either September 1st to December 31st or January 1st to April 30th or May 1st to August 31st) Note: January – April permits do not go on sale until late December, and  May – August permits go on sale late April.

How Permit Parking is Assigned

  • Most permit parking on Campus is assigned by lot on a first come first served basis.
  • Within a lot, parking is on a “scramble” basis (no assigned spots)
  • Every effort will be made to honour individual requests to be assigned to a specific parking lot.

Parking lots are sold to maximum plus capacity. Assignment to a specific lot does not guarantee that space will always be available. If your lot is full, please park in Lot #5 or #6 and notify the Ancillary Services office immediately. Please note that your parking permit must still be properly displayed. Please remove permit when operating your motor vehicle if you feel it is a safety hazard.

Wheelchair Accessibility Icon

Accessible Parking Options

Special parking arrangements can be made for persons with physical challenges. For more information, please contact the Ancillary Services office at (204) 727-7394 or parking@brandonu.ca.

Parking Regulations

Our Parking Regulations are available online.

Hours of Enforcement

Parking is enforced:

  • Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Weekends, holidays, and after 4:30 pm on weekdays, there is no charge for parking in staff, student, meter, and ticket-dispenser areas.

Restricted Areas

There are some restricted areas which can never be used for parking. Enforcement of these areas will be in effect at all times. These restricted areas include:

  • Fire lanes and driveways
  • No Parking Anytime areas
  • Handicapped areas (appropriate permit required)
  • Landscaped areas

Temporary Permits

If you are unable to display your permit, please call the Ancillary Services office at 727-7394 immediately for instructions on how to obtain a temporary permit. This permit will be valid for the day it is issued and for the following day. Up to three temporary permits are allowed, at no cost, during the year (September 1 to August 31). After that the cost will be equal to that of a daily permit. Only Brandon University parking permits will be honoured and notes, handwritten or otherwise, will not be recognized.

Alternate Parking

Persons with permit parking may be required to park their vehicles in alternate locations due to snow removal or special functions which require a large amount of space. Adequate notice will be given prior to these events taking place.


12 month, 8 month, and 1 term permit holders may request a refund when cancelling their permit early.  Please note that long term permits are sold at a discounted rate and if cancelled before the end of the term of permit, the refund calculations will revert back to the monthly non discounted rate.

Refund Calculation Example =     Student purchased an 8 month (Sept – Apr) Serviced Space in 2022 at a price of $370.09 + tax

Student wanted to cancel permit February 1st of 2022.   Student has already used 6 months of parking.

$72.30 + tax (non discounted monthly serviced rate)  X 5 months used = $361.50 + tax

Therefor: $370.09 + tax – $361.50 +tax = $8.59 + tax is Refundable

Temporary parking (hourly, daily, weekly and 1 month parking) is a final sale.

Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of ownership of a permit is not permitted. Any other use, sale, or assignment is prohibited and will not be recognized by the University.

Replacement of Permits

If a permit becomes damaged, return it to the Parking Office for a replacement. If the old permit is returned the replacement cost is $6.75. If the permit is not returned with cost is $32.00.

Electrical Outlets

Power supply to electrical outlets is dependent on climatic conditions.

Motorcycles and Motor-Scooters

Motorcycles, motor-scooters, or another type of bicycles are considered motor vehicles and require parking permits.