Bike Compound

Graphical Map of Location of Secure Bike Compound on Campus

Choose two wheels! Bikes are a fast, convenient and healthy option for commuting and Brandon University encourages cycling as much as possible.

We offer a secure bike compound at the southeast corner of Parking Lot 1, where McMaster Hall meets the Knowles Douglas Centre just behind the white Geology building. It is a central location that is convenient to the Courtyard.

This secure compound is surrounded by eight-foot high chain link fencing, monitored by high-resolution camera, and secured by magnetic locks. Inside, cyclists can lock up to custom-built steel racks that can accommodate several dozen bikes.

Using the Bike Compound

When using the compound, remember to follow some common-sense rules that will keep your bike safe:

  • Always close the gate behind you.
  • Never allow someone in who hasn’t scanned their key fob or card.
  • Always lock your bike to the racks. These racks are resistant to cutting.
  • Never lock your bike to the chain-link fence.

Activating access to the Bike Compound

Any BU key fob or student card can be used to access BU’s secure bike compound; however you will have to activate your account through Ancillary Services first. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

To register for access to the bike compound:

  1. Apply using our online Bike Compound Application Form.
  2. Ancillary Services Office will review your application and reply to you within 3 business days.

Renewing Access to the Bike Compound


Bike Compound Access will expire on the same date as your Student ID Card.  You will need to reapply each year if you would like to retain it.


Bike Compound Access will remain on your Staff Access Fob for as long as you retain the Fob.