Parking Regulations

(Amended June 1, 2019)

1. Jurisdiction and Application

1.1    These regulations shall apply to the use, operation and parking of all vehicles within the Campus Parking Lots of Brandon University, as hereinafter defined. The appropriate laws and bylaws of the Government of Canada, the Province of Manitoba, and the City of Brandon shall apply to parking on Campus. If any conflicts exist between such laws and these regulations, the laws shall prevail.

2. Definitions


2.1    “Campus” shall hereinafter be taken to mean not only the area encompassed by the boundaries of the main campus, but also by the boundaries of the other areas under the jurisdiction of Brandon University, hereinafter referred to as University.

Campus Parking Lot

2.2    “Campus Parking Lot” means that area designated for Parking Lot parking purposes within the Campus.


2.3    “Vehicle” is as defined by the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act and includes all self-propelled vehicles, such as automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters.

Registered Vehicle

2.4    “Registered Vehicle” means every vehicle for which a Vehicle parking permit has been issued and on which the current parking permit is displayed.

Parked Vehicle

2.5    “Parked Vehicle” means any vehicle which is stationary, Vehicle whether occupied or not, and irrespective of the period of time such vehicle is stationary, except when progress is temporarily impeded by other traffic or traffic signs.

Parking Stall

2.6 “Parking Stall” means an area designated for parking one vehicle.


2.7    “Operator” means any person who drives or is in charge of a vehicle on campus whether that person is in the vehicle or not.

Faculty and Staff

2.8    “Faculty and Staff” means any person employed by and Staff the University and affiliated and federated colleges, on a full or part-time basis.


2.9    “Student” means any person enrolled in the University on a full or part-time basis.

Resident Student

2.10    “Resident Student” means any person residing in the University Residence Complex.


2.11    “Visitor” means any person other than a Brandon University Student, Resident Student, Faculty, or Staff member.


2.12    “Owner” means the person named as the registered owner of the vehicle under the Legislation of the Province of Manitoba or any other jurisdiction.

Enforcement Authority

2.13    “Enforcement Authority” means the Director of Ancillary Services Authority or persons authorized by him/her to enforce parking regulations.


2.14    “Load” means any motorized vehicle and includes block heaters and internal car warmers.

Open Circuit Condition

2.15    “Open Circuit Condition” means the vehicle is not properly connected Condition to the power source.

3. Permits


3.1    Faculty, staff, and students may apply to register a vehicle for a parking permit, excepting bicycles. Parking permits will be issued in accordance with the priorities set forth in Appendix ‘A’ attached hereto.


3.2 The person registering a vehicle shall be prepared to apply online at Complete the application process and pay the prescribed fee as set forth in Appendix ‘B’ attached hereto. By completing the application is indicating that in consideration of being permitted to park on campus he or she will comply with these regulations.


3.3    A parking permit shall be subject to invalidation:

  • a. on the date of expiration
  • b. when it has been altered
  • c. when it is not affixed to the vehicle in general accordance with Section 3.4 hereof
  • d. when it has been cancelled or revoked in accordance with these regulations.

Affixing of Permits


  • i. In order to be easily seen, the permit must be displayed hanging from the rearview mirror.
  • ii. The parking permit need not be permanently affixed to the vehicle. so as to allow the permits to be used in more than one vehicle.


  • i. There is a charge for visitor permits.
  • ii. These must be obtained from the Parking Office in advance.

Handicapped Persons Permit

3.6    Any physically handicapped person may apply to the Parking Persons Permit Office for a special permit. A statement from a Medical Doctor may be required verifying the degree of disability and the length of time for which it is expected the disability will last.

Replacement Permit

3.7    If a permit becomes lost/damaged, return to the Parking Office for a Replacement.  The holder will be required to pay a replacement fee plus any applicable taxes.

When In Force

3.8    All parking permits are issued subject to observance of the laws and Regulations applicable. No parking permit is in force while the holder is in breach of any applicable law or regulation.

Available Parking Areas

3.9 The University has the following areas available for parking, see Parking Areas Appendix ‘C’ for a map and more detail on availability:

  • Faculty and Staff
  • Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Visitors
  • Unreserved parking (at times restricted for use of Centennial Auditorium).

Inability to Park


  • i. Parking lots are sold to maximum plus capacity. See Appendix ‘C’ herein for more details. Assignment to a specific lot does not guarantee that space will always be available. If your assigned lot is full, park in Lot #5 or #6 and notify the Parking Office immediately with your license plate number. Note that your parking permit must still be properly displayed.
  • ii. If you are unable to display your permit you must report the situation immediately to the Parking Office for instructions on obtaining a temporary permit. Up to three temporary permits will be issued throughout the year at no cost. After that the cost will equal to that of a daily permit. Only University permits will be honored and notes, handwritten or otherwise, will not be recognized.

Maximum Permitted

3.11    The maximum permitted electrical load for plug-ins is 1800 watts per car: generally this is equivalent to one block heater and one car warmer or two block heaters and one batter charger/warmer.

Overloading a circuit leaves all plug-ins on that circuit without electricity.

Power to Outlets

3.11.1    The University distributes an increased amount of power to electrical Outlets outlets as the outside temperature decreases. See Appendix ‘D’ for a detailed distribution table.

Outlet Indicator Lights

3.11.2    See Appendix ‘D’ for a detailed outlet indicator light table.

Right of Re-Assignment

3.12    The Parking Office will reassign all spots that come available.


3.13  12 month, 8 month and 1 term permit holders may request a refund when cancelling their permit early.  Please note that long term permits are sold at a discounted rate and if cancelled before the end of the term of permit, the refund calculations will revert back to the monthly non discounted rate.

Refund Calculation Example = Student purchased an 8 month (Sept to Apr) serviced space in 2023 at a price of $377.50 + tax.

Student wanted to cancel permit February 1st of 2024.  Student has already used 6 months of parking.

$73.75 + tax (non discounted monthly serviced rate) x 5 months used = $368.75 + tax

Therefore: $377.50 + tax – $368.75 + tax = $8.75 + tax is refundable.

Temporary parking (hourly, daily, weekly and 1 month parking) is a final sale.

Late Registration


  • i. Charges will be by the month. Registration
  • ii. Refer to Appendix ‘B’ attached.

4. Operation of Vehicles in Parking Lots

Speed Limit

4.1    No person shall operate a vehicle at a speed greater then 15 kilometers per hour.


4.2    Operators of vehicles shall obey all parking signs erected pursuant to these regulations.

Permit Not Required

4.3    Except where posted, parking stalls will not require a valid permit to be parked in:

  • a. on statutory holidays
  • b. between 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Monday to Friday
  • c. on Saturday and Sunday


4.4    No person shall:

  • a. connect electrical divides to any outlet other than the plug-in provided in the stall in which the vehicle is authorized to be parked.
  • b. connect electrical devices with a greater wattage than as specified in Section 3.11 herein.
  • c. alter or in any way tamper with any plug-ins.
  • d. park in service areas, in service stall, in landscaped areas, in undeveloped areas, or in any other area for which such vehicle is not specifically authorized to be parked under these regulations.
  • e. park a vehicle in such a manner so as to encroach on an adjacent stall, damage electric plug-ins and other posts, or obscure the parking permit.
  • f. move, disfigure or in any way tamper with any signs posted or erected pursuant to these regulations.

Right of Way

4.5    Operators of vehicles in parking lots shall at all times yield the right of way to pedestrians.

Emergency Restrictions

4.6    Where it is necessary to erect emergency “No Parking” signs in areas allotted for parking under these regulations, for such operations as snow removal, cleaning, construction, special events, other valid activities, such signs shall be strictly enforced and shall have absolute priority over parking privileges granted pursuant to these regulations. If possible, vehicles displaced by such activities will be assigned other temporary locations.

5. General


5.1    The Board of Governors hereby appoints the Director of Ancillary Services to administer these regulations.



  • i. Any vehicle parked, operated, or driven in the parking lots shall be solely at the risk of the owner or the operator. The University assumes no liability for damage to, theft of or theft from vehicles parked or stored on campus. It further assumes no liability for injury or death to the owner, operator, occupants thereof, or any person unless such damage, theft, injury, or death has resulted from negligence on the part of the University.
  • ii. Where stalls are rented with electrical plug-ins, the University will endeavor to maintain reasonable and reliable service, but shall not be liable for any damage or any inconvenience occasioned by a power outage or other failures of the electrical plug-ins.


5.3    The University’s policy is that vehicles dawning a valid permit, parked illegally in the parking spaces will not be towed away. Individual parking permit holders are not permitted to have unauthorized vehicles towed out of parking spots.


5.4    The Parking Regulations may be revised from time to time.

Appendix ‘A’


1. The issuing of parking permits is done annually and is solely on a first come, first served basis.


  1. Top priority is given to those students that are required to leave their vehicles on campus, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.
  2. All other students are assigned on a first come, first served basis. In certain instances special consideration will be given to applicants.

The Ancillary Services Manager may use his/her discretion in the assigning of parking permits.

Appendix ‘B’

Brandon University 2023-2024 Approved Parking Rates (GST not included)

  • 12 Months - Serviced (Electrical Outlet)$415.00
  • 12 Months - Non Serviced$290.00
  • 8 Months - Serviced (Electrical Outlet)$377.50
  • 8 Months - Non Serviced$239.00
  • 1 Term - Serviced (Electrical Outlet)$226.50
  • 1 Term - Non Serviced$143.50
  • 1 Month - Serviced (Electrical Outlet)$73.75
  • 1 Month - Non Serviced$55.50
  • Weekly - Serviced (Electrical Outlet)$31.50 per week
  • Weekly - Non Serviced$22.50 per week
  • Daily Permit - Serviced (Electrical Outlet)$8.00 per day
  • Daily Permit - Non Serviced$8.00 per day
  • Pay by Plate - Lot 5$1.00 per hour
  • Pay by Plate - Lot 6$1.00 per hour
  • Pay by Plate - Lot 10$1.50 per hour
  • Parking Meters$0.01 per minute

Appendix ‘C’

The University parking lots are listed as to available stalls per lot and assignable stalls per lot below:

Lot Number Available Stalls Assignable Stalls Assignable Stalls (*20%)
2 20 4 4
3 25 22 26
4 80 72 86
5 35 0 0
6 46 0 0
6A 33 33 40
7 154 152 182
8 44 44 53
9 6 6 6
11NS 105 108 115
14 24 24 29
15 24 24 29

The University Parking Office reserves the right to increase the number of stalls sold per lot by twenty percent due to the fact that each pass sold is not used every day in its entirety. This is due to differences in student and staff/faculty schedules. These numbers are subject to revision at any time.


Pre-Programmed Schedule for Power Distribution to Electrical Outlets

Temperature Percent ON
>-5.0 °C 0.00%
-5.0 °C 9.77%
<= -25.0 °C 100.00%

Initial Power Delay = 2.05 hours

Outlet Indicator Light Details

Stall Lights – Green Stall Lights – Red Load Attached Load Status Description
Flashing Slowly Off No Power is available. Ready to accept user load.
Flashing Slowly Off Yes User equipment has an open circuit condition.
On Off Yes All is OK! Load is accepted.
Flashing Quickly On Yes Load is too small. Loads must be at least ¼ Amp.
Off On Yes Load is over maximum limit. Unplug – reduce load – retry.
Off Flashing Quickly Yes Load is greater than 15 Amps! Possible short circuit.
Off Off N/A Power is not available. Call Parking Office.