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Assessing the Aurora Business Leadership Program
Ashton (Bill), William; Gary McNeelyJuly 2020
Assessing the Aurora Business Leadership Program
Ashton (Bill), William; Gary McNeelyJuly 2020
Excess Moisture Management
Alexander Koiter; Michael AsanteMay 2020
RDI Research Update – Spring 2019
Coueslan, AimeeJune 2019
Look North Indigenous Economy Report
Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc; North Look; Rural Development InstituteApril 2019
RDI Research Update – Fall 2018
Ashton (Bill), William; Coueslan, Aimee; McNeely, GaryAugust 2018
Motivations of SMEs in Hiring Newcomers – Factsheet
Akimowicz, Mikaël; Bryant, Ariel; Salmon, SherineAugust 2018
Dynamics of Rural & Northern Manitoba
Akimowicz, Mikaël; Ashton (Bill), William; Bryant, Ariel; McNeely, Gary; Wrathall, MeghanFebruary 2018
Profiling Competitive Rural Regions in Canada: A Focus on Self-contained Labour Areas
Bollman, Ray D.June 2017
Workforce Attraction as a Dimension of Regional Competitiveness: An Analysis of Migration Across Labour Market Areas
Bollman, Ray D.June 2017
What is Comparative Rural Policy?
Bollman, Ray D.June 2017
New Working Paper Series on Rural Regions
Ashton (Bill), William; Galatsanou, Eleni; Patterson, LonnieDecember 2016
RDI Research Activities Update – Fall 2016
Rural Development InstituteNovember 2016
Research Brief: State of Rural Information and Communication Technologies in Manitoba
Kelly, Wayne; Scott McColloughSeptember 2016
The New Rural… is Regional?
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, WayneSeptember 2015
Growth Strategies for Rural Communities: a Preliminary Investigation
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, Wayne; Patterson, Lonnie; Zarry, XantheMay 2015
Growth Strategies for Rural Communities: Six Communities Case Study
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, Wayne; Patterson, Lonnie; Zarry, XantheMay 2015
Rural Works: Rethinking the Value of Rural
Johnson, Thomas G.November 2014
Manitoba’s Rural Economy Structure and Trends: An Update
Bollman, Ray D.; Rural Development InstituteOctober 2014
Implementing Canada’s Rural Development Policy in a Knowledge-Driven Economy – the Case of Manitoba
Conteh, CharlesApril 2014
Pluractivity: A Retro-Prospective
Bollman, Ray D.June 2013
Identifying and Explaining Self-Contained Labour Areas in Rural Manitoba
Bollman, Ray D.; Kelly, WayneApril 2013
Tools for Building Communities: Choice Matrix
Grills, MathewOctober 2012
Finding the right CED tools and discovering new ones online
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, WayneJune 2012
The CED Choice Matrix; A Path Finding Tool
Yakub, AdediranJune 2012
Practice and research informs policy and community investment
Ashton (Bill), WilliamMay 2012
Rural by Design
Rural Development InstituteApril 2012
New Direction for Manitoba’s Rural Economy
Rance, LauraFebruary 2012
CED Choice Matrix: A Path Finding Tool
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, Wayne; Rural Development InstituteFebruary 2012
Design principles for preparing self-help guides
Ashton (Bill), William; Cucksey, AllisterFebruary 2012
Rural By Design: Working Meeting Report
Ashton (Bill), William; Cucksey, Allister; Mehta, Deepa; Swanson, DarrenFebruary 2012
CED Choice Matrix: A path finding tool
Kelly, Wayne; McNeely, Gary; Rural Development InstituteFebruary 2012
A Rural Economic Development Strategy for Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island Economic DevelopmentNovember 2011
Planning for a brighter future; Municipalities working together
Kilbride, ShelleyNovember 2011
Rural Canada; Making A Difference
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, WayneOctober 2011
CED CHOICE MATRIX: Connecting CED Projects With CED Tool
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, WayneJuly 2011
Alasia, Alessandro; Ashton (Bill), William; Bollman, Ray D.; Cucksey, AllisterMay 2011
Rural Lens: From Policy to Research and Back Again
Ashton (Bill), WilliamMay 2011
Cooperation Works!
Goussaert, VeraJanuary 2011
Rural-Urban Fringe in Canada: Conflict and Controversy
Beesley, KennethNovember 2010
Geographic Perspectives on Sustainable Rural Change
Koster, Rhonda; Ramsey, Doug; Robinson, Guy M.; Winchell, Dick G.November 2010
Rural Development InstituteNovember 2010
Best practice in local and regional economic development
Johnson, Thomas G.October 2010
Rural Broadband + Quantum Leaps = New Economic Opportunities
Hambly, HelenJanuary 2010
Transfer of Wealth: Motivations and Important Lessons for Canada from the United States
Shanghvi, IanMay 2009
Boom Bust Communities Impact on Rural And Remote Communities
Annis, Robert; Gibson, Ryan; Rural Development InstituteJune 2008
Boom Bust Economies Impact Rural Remote Communities
Spinder, Christine; Vainio, MichelleJune 2008
Separating Economic Measures from Economic Benefit
Bureau of StatisticsJune 2008
Creating Regional Partnerships in New and Different Ways
Annis, Robert; Beattie, Marian; Gibson, RyanOctober 2007
Why Do Communities Come Together?
Annis, Robert; Beattie, MarianJune 2007
Manitoba Community Schools: New Models for Community Economic Development
Mosset, Laine; Rural Development InstituteNovember 2006
Cameron, SusannahJanuary 2006
The Structure and Dynamics of Rural Territories: Geographical Perspective
Bryant, Christopher; Ramsey, DougJuly 2004
Building for Success: Exploration of Rural Community and Rural Development
Halseth, Greg; Halseth, RegineJune 2004
The New Countryside, Geographic Perspectives on Rural Change
Beesley, Kenneth; Harrington, Lisa; Ilber, Brian; Millward, HughJune 2003
The Benefits of Community-Based Research: The CED CHOICE MATRIX – A Path Finding Tool
Grills, Mathew; McNeely, Gary
Participatory Process and Rural Development: Lessons from a National Program
Dolan, Holly; Legere, Isabelle
Negotiating Community Benefit from Resource Activities in Rural Regions
Heisler, Karen
Implementing Canada’s Rural Development Policy in a Knowledge-Driven Economy – the Case of Manitoba
Conteh, Charles