Building for Success: Exploration of Rural Community and Rural Development

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  • Date:June 2004
  • Author(s):Halseth, Greg; Halseth, Regine
  • ISBN:1-895397-77-4
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    Change has been a part of rural Canada for a very long time. What is new, however, is that the pace of change is accelerating. Under the pressures which this can generate, rural and small town residents and businesses, as well as public policy makers, are searching for information which can help them make sense of the changes and assess options for revitalization.

    This book is divided into three sections. The first includes four chapters which describe facets of rural and small town community and economic development issues. The second section adds four chapters which explore elements of rural economic change. The final section adds five contributions which explore the community and community capacity sides of the rural development equation. Collectively, the chapters make a powerful contribution to our understanding of the changes rural places are experiencing.

    The contributors have come together through the efforts of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation. The CRRF seeks to link researchers, policy-makers, and rural residents to address the challenges and opportunities of the new rural rural economy and to disseminate information in support of the revitalization of rural Canada.