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Dynamics of Rural & Northern Manitoba
Akimowicz, Mikaël; Ashton (Bill), William; Bryant, Ariel; McNeely, Gary; Wrathall, MeghanFebruary 2018
Developing Crown Forest Policy: a Public and Private affair
Ashton (Bill), WilliamMay 2014
A Stake in the North: Papers on Mining, Forestry and Remote Tourism Employment (ARRG Working Paper 9)
Bollman, Ray D.; Rounds, Richards .CApril 1997
Towards Defining Woodlot Management Program for the Prairie Provinces
Rollheiser, Joan; Rounds, Richards .CMarch 1995
Overview of Forest Dependent Communities In Canada
Robson, Robert; Rural Development InstituteFebruary 1995
The Economic Social Political and Cultural Dimensions of Forest Dependence in Eastern Manitoba
Rounds, Richards .C; Wayne, CowanJanuary 1995
Manitoba Woodland Services Manual
Brad, Milne; Ripley, Krista; Rollheiser, Joan; Rounds, Richards .C; Rural Development InstituteJanuary 1994
Significance of the Forest Products Industry in the Swan River Region of Manitoba
Rounds, Richards .C; Rurh R.D.CApril 1993
Stimulating Rural Economies for the 2000s: ARRG Working Paper 1992
Apedaile, Peter L.April 1992