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Growth Strategies for Rural Communities: a Preliminary Investigation
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A Rural Economic Development Strategy for Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island Economic DevelopmentNovember 2011
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Rural Matters: Forging Healthy Canadian Communities
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Gaining a rural Lens through Rural immersion experience
McDonald DanApril 2007
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RDI Annual Report 2003
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The Structure and Dynamics of Rural Territories: Geographical Perspective
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RDI Annual Report 1999-2001
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The New Countryside, Geographic Perspectives on Rural Change
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Manitoba and the Central North American Trade Corridor- A strategic Plan
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Stimulating Rural Investment; Ways and Means
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A Stake in the North: Papers on Mining, Forestry and Remote Tourism Employment (ARRG Working Paper 9)
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Ecotourism in Manitoba
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A User Needs Survey of Rivers Provincial Recreational Park, Manitoba
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