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Assessing the Aurora Business Leadership Program
Ashton (Bill), William; Gary McNeelyJuly 2020
Exploring Motivations of Rural Small and Medium Enterprise Employers in Hiring Newcomers
Akimowicz, Mikaël; Ashton (Bill), William; Salmon, SherineJune 2019
Look North Indigenous Economy Report
Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc; North Look; Rural Development InstituteApril 2019
Indigenous Contributions to the Manitoba Economy
Ashton (Bill), William; Clyde Flett; Coueslan, Aimee; Gabriela Jimenez; Lori Zimmerman; Stephen JohnsonJanuary 2019
Dynamics of Rural & Northern Manitoba
Akimowicz, Mikaël; Ashton (Bill), William; Bryant, Ariel; McNeely, Gary; Wrathall, MeghanFebruary 2018
RDI Comparative Research – 2017
Adiyia, Michael; Ashton (Bill), WilliamJune 2017
The Importance of Rural Manitoba: A Discussion Paper
Ashton (Bill), William; Rural Development InstituteMay 2015
Rural By Design Recommended Actions from Rural Works! A Rural Policy Think Tank
Rural Development InstituteJanuary 2015
ICRPS 2013 Report
Ashton (Bill), William; Lovell, John (Jack); Nabisere, Immaculate; Rural Development InstituteSeptember 2013
Age-Friendly rural and remote communities and places: Summary report
Bell, Sheri; Hamilton, Jim; Menec, VerenaMarch 2013
Rural Development InstituteNovember 2010
The Role of Federal in Rural Sustainability for Rural Canada
Federation of Canadian MunicipalitiesMay 2009
Boom Bust Communities Impact on Rural And Remote Communities
Annis, Robert; Gibson, Ryan; Rural Development InstituteJune 2008
The Civil Justice System and the Public Justice for Nunavummiut: Partnerships for solutions
Anderson, Travis; Stratton, MaryJune 2008
Leafy Spurge Stakeholders Group Newsletter (Winter 2006-2007)
Leafy Spurge Stakeholders Group (LSSG); Rural Development InstituteNovember 2007
ICRPS 2006 Report
Annis, Robert; Rural Development InstituteOctober 2006
IMMIGRATION AND RURAL CANADA, Research and Practice (National Think Tank Report 2005)
Rural Development Institute; Silvius, RayJune 2005
A Framework of Priority Information Needs:Interviews with Key Informants
Mc Tavish, Pamela; Peers, BethMarch 2005
Mentoring Youth in Brandon: Successes, Challenges and Best Practices
Ek, Noreen; Funk, EliciaDecember 2002
SAR Best Practice Environmental Stewardship By a Private Landowner
Pachkowski, JenniferDecember 2002
From Governing to Governance Reflections on the Community Collaboration Project
Hancock, TrevorJuly 2002
Increased Forage Production Through the Bio Control of Leafy Spurge
Annis, Robert; Pachkowski, Jennifer; Rural Development InstituteMarch 2002
Increased Forage Production through the Bio-control of Leafy Spurge
Leafy Spurge Stakeholders Group (LSSG)December 2001
Manitoba Community Adjustment Handbook
Rural Development InstituteNovember 2001
Garrison, Raymond M.; Massam, Bryan H.January 2001
1999 Leafy Spurge Impact Assessment in Manitoba
Rural Development InstituteMarch 1999
A Stake in the North: Papers on Mining, Forestry and Remote Tourism Employment (ARRG Working Paper 9)
Bollman, Ray D.; Rounds, Richards .CApril 1997
NAFTA and the New Rural Economy; International Perspectives – ARRG Working Paper 10
Rounds, Richards .CApril 1997
Women in Agriculture – ARRG Working Paper Number 8
Rounds, Richards .C; Shaver, FranApril 1996
Towards a Whole Rural Policy for Canada – ARRG Working Paper Number 7
Rural Development InstituteApril 1994
Development Strategies for Rural Canada: Evaluating Partnerships, Jobs and Communities – ARRGWorkingPapersSeriesNumber6-1994
Reimer, Bill; Rounds, Richards .CApril 1994
“Restructuring Industrial Production and Tradable Services” Agriculture and Rural Restructuring Group Working Paper 1992
Rounds, Richards .C; Rural Development InstituteApril 1993
The Structure Theory and Practice of Partnerships in Rural Development; ARRG Working paper 5
Rounds, Richards .CApril 1993
Stimulating Rural Economies for the 2000s: The Challenge for Rural Manufacturing and Tradable Services
Dawe, Shirley; Fuller, A.M. (Tony); Nichol, Paul; Rounds, Richards .CApril 1993
Stimulating Rural Economies for the 2000s: ARRG Working Paper 1992
Apedaile, Peter L.April 1992
Leafy Spurge Prevention and Control
Rural Development Institute
The impacts of ‘transitional’ foreign workers and increasing diversity in Brandon, Manitoba
Annis, Robert; Bucklaschuk, Jill; Moss, Alison