From Governing to Governance Reflections on the Community Collaboration Project

This review was commissioned by the Community Animation Project, in collaboration with the Manitoba Healthy Communities Network, as a contribution to the further development of the Community Collaboration Project. The title of this report – “From Governing to Governance” is intended to convey the fundamental shift in organizational philosophy and arrangements that lies at the heart of this report. Although the communities are by and large agreed that they set the agenda for their work and their priorities, they are still somewhat beholden to government when it comes to programs and funding. This impression is reinforced by the fact that the Management Committee consists almost entirely of provincial and federal government staff, and does not include representatives of any of the communities. The central recommendation of this report, then, is to move towards a deeper and fuller partnership between communities – both ‘communities of interest’ and ‘communities of geography’ – and governments, and indeed to shift the balance for managing the successor to the Community Collaboration Project to one that is community-led but involves federal and provincial governments – a true governance partnership.