CCP_2006_Community_Colaboration_ Project_Annual_Workshop Report

The Community Collaboration Project (CCP): Empowering Communities and Building Capacity project is testing applicability and replicability of the CCP model that was developed in Manitoba during the 1999-2004 CCP project. The CCP Model Project (2005- 2008) provides opportunities for new forms of collaboration and governance. With access to the appropriate tools, resources and information, individuals living in rural and northern communities can engage in self-sustaining, informed, local decision-making and meaningful dialogue between and among communities, organizations and governments. Through the CCP Models Project, RDI has funding to support the development of three RRTs in other provinces/territories. In addition, this project provides the opportunity to continue to interact with the four Manitoba/Nunavut regional round tables to learn what is needed for RRTs to be self-sustaining over an extended period of time.