Centre Of Excellence for Child and Youth Centred Prairie Communities:Summary of the Brandon Site Literature Review Report August 2002

The Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Centered Prairie Communities is focused on the development of a knowledge base to assist Prairie Communities in their vision of nurturing and enhancing the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social development of children and youth. The first phase of the research project has been focused on surveying existing community literature to establish an intersectoral knowledge base. Within this research phase an examination of how communities have and are responding to the needs of children and their families was undertaken. Critical social, economic and demographic challenges and the determination of formal and informal community supports and services within Brandon, Manitoba were outlined. Throughout all aspects of the community based literature review information and data regarding the Aboriginal population within Brandon consistent with the vision of the Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Centred Prairie Communities. This report is a summary of the Brandon Site Report: Phase I review of community literature.