Innovation in Agri-food Processing: A Study of Commercialization of Bulk Food Ingredients in Manitoba

In summary, this project sets out to understand innovation in the food processing industry regarding types of innovation, novelty, involvement along the supply chain in innovation, duration or length of time for innovation to be realized, and specific nature of growth resulting from innovation. As the food processing sector in Manitoba is such a major economic contributor, representing 28% of all manufacturing revenue, employing 12,000 people, with $4.7 billion in annual sales (2011), and a strategic focus of government programing, knowing more about innovation in this sector will contribute directly to provincial and local prosperity. Previous research by the Rural Development Institute concluded:Continued health growth in the sector [food processing] depends on retaining and expanding on Manitoba’s strengths: … Primary processing of agricultural products in Manitoba, directed to bulk ingredients markets, takes advantage of the province’s ability to create high quality agricultural products and its central geographic location in the continent. (Ashton et al., 2014, p.13). As a result, this project examines sectors where one or more of their products are bulk ingredients for sale to other manufacturers.