The Community Collaboration Story; Community Collaboration Project 2002-2008

The Rural Development Institute’s (RDI) role in multi-community collaborations began in 1999 when it facilitated the formation of the Manitoba steering committee and the Northern Vision Regional Round Table. Over the next four years RDI facilitated the formation of two more regional round tables in Manitoba and a fourth regional round table that crossed the boundaries of Manitoba and Nunavut. The Rural Development Institute then articulated the community development practices and lessons learned that had emerged in Manitoba and Nunavut into a vision and model for the Community Collaboration Project: Empowering Communities and Building Capacity 2005-2008 project (Community Collaboration Model Project). Throughout this project, eighty-five communities, three Rural Team, and four academic institutions participated in six regional round tables. This report highlights the activities, successes, opportunities, challenges and lessons learned from the regional round tables, Rural Team advisory groups and academic institutions.