Research Connection — Volume 2

Research is Built in Brandon

Brandon University is proud to be a local, regional university, with deep roots in Brandon, in Westman and in Manitoba. That means many things for our home. We are here to serve local students and our local community, and we are here to attract new students from around the world and to create new opportunities.

Our faculty are a tremendous part of our success in fulfilling our mission. Their curiosity and originality help drive passion in the classroom, as well as new discoveries and creative works in their field. Many choose to devote their efforts to cutting-edge research that addresses pressing issues across Canada and around the world. Others choose to pursue issues that are very local. All of them are focused through a Brandon University lens, bringing our unique community perspective to their work.

That is what it means for research to be Built in Brandon. It is research that has deep local roots, and global ambition. It is research that brings together disparate disciplines and stays direct. It is research that aspires and inspires. It is research that makes us proud.

You will find all of the above in these pages. Research at Brandon University continues to thrive and this overview highlights just some of the recent and ongoing projects we are so proud to support on our campus.

Please enjoy Built in Brandon.

It is stimulating to be a part of Brandon University as it continues impact the lives of its students, the city, the community, and beyond. We hope as you read about the exciting projects our faculty and students are conducting that you too will share our enthusiasm.

And, continue to stay up to date with the latest discoveries at Brandon University through Research Connection and the BU CARES podcast.