Research Connection — Volume 4

Bright Futures: Student Research at Brandon University

As Canada’s Finest Regional University, Brandon University is both shaped by, and a key contributor to, its Manitoba home.

With its main campus in Brandon, on Treaty 2 territory, and a satellite campus in Winnipeg, on Treaty 1 land, BU is committed to sharing knowledge with the communities it serves, as well as accepting with humility the knowledge that is, in turn, shared with us. Many research projects at BU are born from the issues that members of the BU community see each day in their lives. But research at BU is not limited to the immediate surroundings. This humble prairie community is also home to a large and growing contingent of students who come to BU from across Canada and around the world to pursue the personalized education and outstanding research opportunities the university is known for. Each of these students, and the committed faculty members who guide them, bring their own perspectives, specialties and questions, providing an endless array of research opportunities.

While graduate programs are growing at BU, the university remains a predominantly undergraduate institution. While this impacts the type of research done at BU, it in no way limits the ambition or the impact of the work. In fact, for many students this makes BU an ideal starting point for their research and professional careers.

We hope you enjoy reading about these research stars of tomorrow in Research Connection’s fourth collected volume: Bright Futures

In these pages you will be introduced to a small sample of the ambitious and impactful research that takes place at Brandon University. Some of these projects have already been completed, while others are just scratching the surface of their potential. We hope that you will be as amazed as we are proud of the discoveries that take place here at BU.

And, continue to stay up to date with the latest discoveries at Brandon University through Research Connection and the BU CARES podcast.