Staff Listing

Ms. Kerry Murkin

Manager, Research Services

  • Canada Research Chairs Program (CRCP)
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)
  • Research Support Fund (RSF)
  • Brandon University Research Committee (BURC)
  • Research Policy and Procedure Development

Phone: (204) 727-7445

Ms. Julia Herr

Research Officer

  • Tri-Agency and Other External Funding Opportunities
  • Faculty Research Prizes and Awards
  • Research Centres, Institutes, and Groups
  • Student Research Scholarships and Awards
  • Research Partnership Development

Phone: (204) 571-8511

Dr. Kofi Campbell

Provost & Vice-President (Academic)

  • Institutional Signing Authority for Research Agreements, Applications, Contracts, Letters of Intent, MOUs, and all Other Formal Documents

Phone: (204) 727-7455

Dr. Heather Duncan

Associate Vice-President (Research)

  • Chair, Senate Research Committee (SRC)
  • Chair, BURC
  • Research Connection
  • Research Policy and Procedure Development

Phone: (204) 727-9656

Mrs. Shannon Downey

Executive Officer to the Provost & VP (Academic) and Research Ethics Officer

  • Brandon University Research Ethics Committee (BUREC)
  • Brandon University Animal Care Committee (BUACC)
  • Brandon University Biosafety Committee (BUBC)
  • Administrative Support for SRC

Phone: (204) 727-9712

Ms. Michaela France

Administrative Assistant

  • General Inquiries
  • Administrative Support for BURC and NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs)

Phone: (204) 727-9716