Special Accommodation Requests

At Brandon University Residence, we understand that some students need accommodations that fit their needs in order to receive equal access to a healthy living space. When you apply for BU Residence, you will see that we do ask if there are any special accommodations that should be considered when assigning you to your space. The following are types of accommodations that we can offer at Brandon University.

Student Accessibility Request

If you require living accommodations to prevent any physical or mental disability keeping you from having access to a livable housing environment, please indicate so on the application form. When you select yes, the Residence Manager will contact you directly to help further determine what your needs are and how we can accommodate those needs.

Dietary Accommodation Request

Meal plans from our Food Services is mandatory for those living in our residence building. If you have any allergies and/or dietary restrictions that you would like to make us aware of, please indicate so on our application form. You will be directed to the Dining Accommodation Form, provided by Food Services.

Gender Inclusive Living Request

If you believe that living in a gender inclusive environment, where roommates and bathroom neighbours can be anyone of any gender identity or expression, would best suit your needs for a comfortable living environment, we encourage you to choose this option when filling out your application. Please note that this environment is not a living option for students in a relationship with each other and who want to live together.

If you have any questions regarding special accommodation requests, you can contact the Residence Manager at boothd@brandonu.ca.