Annual fire alarm testing — check your building schedule

Note: This notice has expired.
Published July 7th, 2020; last updated July 17th, 2020

The annual fire alarm inspections for all campus buildings has begun.

Bison Fire Protection is on campus testing the fire alarm systems. They will be into all rooms, storage areas, etc to check systems. There will be intermittent short bursts of the fire alarms throughout the day. There will be a final entire building alarm, which does not require evacuation.

Note: Should there be an actual fire during this period of time, an announcement will be made on the emergency PA system that will instruct all individuals within the building to evacuate.

The following is the revised schedule for upcoming tests:

Wednesday, July 15

  • Early Learning Day Care
  • Clark Hall

Thursday, July 16

  • QEII Music Building
  • Health Studies

Friday, July 17

  • Library Building (main floor and basement)
  • McKenzie

To be scheduled

  • HLC