Academic Accommodation Services

The Senate of Brandon University recognizes the rights of students who live with a disability to receive reasonable and appropriate academic accommodation in their studies at Brandon University. The Disability Services Coordinator assists in organizing the provision of these services. In order to make the best use of accommodation services, you should follow the process described below.

1. Arrange Accommodation

Once you have chosen to come to Brandon University, please meet with the Disability Services Coordinator as soon as possible to discuss the services you may need. You must provide documentation of your disability from your doctor, psychologist, or other appropriate professional. You must also complete a formal request for services.

2. Inform Your Professors

The Disability Services Coordinator will prepare a memorandum for each of your instructors identifying the academic accommodations you require. The memo does not identify the nature of your disability.

It is your responsibility to let the Disability Services Coordinator know of changes in your registration, pick up the memos for your instructors in the first week of classes, give each instructor the appropriate memo and discuss with each instructor how to make the accommodations work easily in his or her particular course.

3. Arrange Testing Accommodation

If you will be writing your tests and final exams in the Accessible Learning Centre, you must let the Disabilitity Services Coordinator know the dates and times on which you will be writing as soon as you can, preferably at the start of the term when you have your course outline. Space for testing is limited, so it is important that you make arrangements early.

The Accessible Learning Centre provides private space in which to write. Your test will be monitored, and you will be limited to the amount of time specified in your accommodation memo. You will not be allowed to take any personal items (backpack, pencil case, and so on), electronic equipment, notes, texts, or other aids with you into the testing area unless you have the written permission of your instructor to do so. The computers available to you for tests and exams do not have Internet access.

4. Arrange Use of Equipment

The Accessible Learning Centre has a small inventory of equipment for students with disabilities. Arrangements to use this equipment on site or to borrow items for use in class must be made with the Disability Services Coordinator. You must return any borrowed equipment at the end of each term and will be financially responsible for damage or loss. Equipment loans are made on a first-come, first served basis.

5. Monitor Your Progress

It may be necessary to adjust or refine the sorts of academic accommodation you require. If you find that something is not working well, please meet with the Disability Services Coordinator to talk over your situation.