Faculty Guide

Brandon University is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to the point of undue hardship to enable students with disabilities to fully participate in all academic programs. Designated Student Services staff members are available to provide on-going support to students and faculty members.

Brandon University’s Accommodation Policy

Brandon University recognizes the right of individuals to be treated in all matters solely on the basis of their personal merits, and to be accorded equality of opportunity with other individuals. The University acknowledges that, as stated in the Manitoba Human rights Code, to protect this right, it is necessary to ensure that reasonable accommodation is made for individuals with disabilities. The University notes that failure to provide reasonable accommodation to disabled persons is a form of discrimination prohibited by the Human Rights Code. For full details refer to the policy, “How to Use Academic Accommodation Services at Brandon University”.

It is important to recognize that accommodating students with disabilities does not lower the academic standards or alleviate the students of their responsibilities to acquire the knowledge and skills to be learned while attending university.

Accommodation to the Point of Undue Hardship

As a result of human rights and accommodation legislation and policies, our mandate is to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities to the point of undue hardship. Accommodating students to the point of undue hardship is mandatory unless costs or other factors make the request unreasonable.

Complaint Procedure

Faculty members and students are encouraged to contact the Associate Vice-president (Student Services & Enrolment Management) & University Registrar to discuss any concerns.

Responsibilities of Faculty, Students and Student Services


  • Inform students at the beginning of the term verbally and in the course syllabus that they should identify themselves and register with Students Services if they require accommodations.
  • Acknowledge the student’s official request, provided in writing from Student Services, for reasonable accommodation.
  • Maintain confidentiality, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


  • Register and provide official documentation to Student Services that supports the disability.
  • Obtain the official accommodation letter, provided by Student Services and to deliver it to professors to inform them of the request for accommodation.
  • Make arrangements for accommodations in a timely manner.

Student Services:

  • Determine reasonable accommodations as outlined in the official documentations.
  • Ensure that students receive reasonable accommodation.
  • Provide access to resources and support programs.

Accommodation Services Available Through Student Services

Existing Accommodation Services

Registered students, in the disability services program, may be eligible for one or more of the following accommodations:

  • Alternative testing and exam accommodations, including private study/testing rooms, extended time, scribes, and readers
  • Customized computer workstations capable of voice recognition, screen reading, creating graphic organizers, and transcription.
  • Notetaking services, including digitally recorded lectures
  • Sound amplification