Entrance Scholarship-Bursaries

A scholarship-bursary is a scholarship with a financial need component. It is granted primarily on high academic performance, but the recipient must also show proof of financial need.

To be eligible for Entrance Scholarship-Bursary consideration, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Attend Brandon University directly from an accredit Canadian high school;
    • A one-year “gap year” is permitted as long as you do not pursue any post-secondary education during that time
  • Have a Grade 11 or Grade 12 scholarship average of at least 85%;
  • Demonstrate that you have financial need;
  • Submit an online application and any required supporting documents in advance of the published deadline.

See the BoG Entrance Scholarships section of this website for details on how scholarship averages are calculated.

You are able to apply for scholarship-bursaries once you have been admitted to Brandon University.  See the How to Apply page for detailed scholarship-bursary application instructions.

Demonstrating Financial Need

Once you have done the initial submission of your online scholarship-bursary application, you must complete the online budget form in full for the 8-month regular academic session (September – April).