Award Selection

Selection Timeline

Recipients for the various financial awards available at Brandon University are selected at specific points throughout the year, in accordance with the timeline below:


Award Notifications Sent
(by end of month)
Entrance Awards Continuing &
Graduate Awards
April Automatic-consideration and
applied-for entrance scholarships
May n/a Convocation medals
June n/a Recommended scholarships & awards
and applied-for scholarships
July Applied-for entrance scholarship-bursaries Applied-for scholarship-bursaries
August Applied-for entrance bursaries
Louis Riel Institute Bursaries
Applied-for bursaries
Louis Riel Institute Bursaries

Selection Principles & Practices

When reviewing candidates for financial awards at Brandon University, selection committees rely on the following principles and practices:

  1. The committee will respect the Terms of Reference for individual awards.
    Only candidates who meet all of the criteria specified in the Terms of Reference for an award will be considered.
  2. The committee will seek to distribute available funds as broadly as possible.
    Where more than one candidate meets the criteria specified in an award’s Terms of Reference or the same candidates meet the criteria for more than one award, the committee will seek to distribute award funds between the individual candidates.
  3. The committee will prioritize first-degree candidates.
    For undergraduate awards, the committee will prioritize candidates who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree.
  4. The committee will adjust candidates’ financial need in light of other awards received.
    For example, a candidate with a declared need of $6000 who received a $1500 scholarship will have a financial need of $4500 when the committee reviews that candidate’s profile for scholarship-bursary or bursary consideration.
  5. The committee will seek to satisfy, but not exceed, candidates’ financial need when selecting recipients for awards that require demonstration of need.
    For example, a candidate with $1500 of financial need will not be considered for a $3000 bursary, though they may be considered for a $3000 scholarship. ¬†Additionally, in most cases, the committee will award bursary funds to an individual candidate to a maximum of $5000, even if the candidate’s financial need is greater.

For awards that specify candidates must be in a specific year of study, the following chart is used:

Year of Study Credit Hours Successfully Completed
1 0 – 24
2 24.5 – 54
3 54.5 – 84
4 84.5 – 120
5 >120