Registration Requirements

With a few exceptions, regardless of the type of financial award you have received (scholarship, scholarship-bursary, or bursary), you must be registered in a minimum number of credit hours in both the Fall and Winter terms in order to receive and keep the award.

Minimum Registration

The minimum registration requirement is usually* dependent on the value of the award:

Award Value Minimum Fall Term Credit Hours Minimum Winter Term Credit Hours Minimum Total Regular Session Credit Hours
Under $999.99 3 3 6
$1000.00 – $2999.99 9 9 18
$3000.00 and over 12 12 24



Regardless of the value of the award, recipients of Board of Governors (BoG) Entrance Scholarships must be registered in at least 12 credit hours per term for a minimum total Regular Session registration of 24 credit hours.

Several other individual awards have specific registration requirements that are not related to the award value. Be sure to read your award notification letter carefully to know your minimum registration requirement.


There are several circumstances under which recipients are not required to register at Brandon University in order to receive an award for which they otherwise meet the criteria:

  • Students graduating from Brandon University who have been selected for a graduating award
  • Students who have been selected for an award recognizing the highest grade in a specific course/courses

Failure to Maintain Minimum Registration

You must register in the minimum number of credit hours indicated in your award notification letter. If you reduce your course load below the required minimum credit hours per term by dropping/withdrawing from courses prior to the term’s last date for registration (add/drop deadline), you will not receive the award amount for the term in which the reduction occurred.

If you do not meet the minimum registration requirement in the Fall term, you will not receive the Fall term amount. You will, however, be eligible to receive the Winter installment of your award as long as you are registered in the minimum number of term credit hours required as of the Winter term’s last date for registration (add/drop deadline).

If you are a financial award holder and you are unsure whether changing your registration will affect your award eligibility, be sure to speak with the Scholarships and Awards Office before making any changes.

Unequal Registration between Fall & Winter Terms

You may find yourself in a situation where you are registered in the required minimum number of credit hours for the year, but your registration is split unequally between the Fall and Winter terms. For example, your award has a minimum registration of 24 credit hours (12 credit hours per term), but you are registered in 9 credit hours in Fall term and 15 credit hours in Winter term.

Where there is a term registration difference of 6 credit hours or less, the Scholarships Office will review your academic record and, in most cases, authorize you to receive both the Fall and Winter term payments.  However, if the term registration difference is more than 6 credit hours, you must submit an appeal to receive both installments of your award.