Student Travel & Conference Fee Fund

The Student Travel & Conference Fee Fund (STCF) is a shared responsibility between Student Services and the Brandon University Students’ Union (BUSU).  The STCF Committee is comprised of the Acting Dean of Student Services (or designate), 2 faculty members (preferably from different faculties), and 2 BUSU representatives.

The purpose of the STCF is to assist students at Brandon University with expenses associated with participating in  off-campus educational experiences.

Students are encouraged to complete the application form, include all necessary documentation, and turn it in to Student Services, Rm. 105, A. E. McKenzie Building.  Please note that an incomplete application form or missing documentation could result in a delay of possible funding, or make you ineligible.

Preferences for funding as set by the STFC Committee are (in no particular order):

  • Undergraduate, full-time, continuing students
  • Students who have not received funding from STFC within the current and/or previous fiscal year
  • Invited participation based on a selection process
  • Active participation as a presenter or leader

Please note that granted funding is not paid out until after the event.

Please read the information and directions included with the form (see link below). Failure to include required information or documentation will delay your application request or make you ineligible.

Student Travel & Conference Fee Form