Early Alert

What is Early Alert? Early Alert connects students in need of support to the right campus resources at the earliest possible moment. Early Alert enables instructors to identify students who are at risk of falling behind.  The program aims to support students early in the semester who receive a “D” or “F” on a test/quiz/assignment or who have been excessively absent. Students can also self-refer to Early Alert if they require assistance. Student participation in Early Alert is completely voluntary.

What happens if I am referred by my professor? Alex Braun, Erin Mills or Tracey Collyer will email you encouraging you to connect with an Early Alert Advisor. The next step is up to YOU! If you would like assistance from an Early Alert advisor you can fill out the form below.

What happens if I am not referred by my professor but I would like assistance? Simply fill out the form below and an Early Alert Advisor will connect with you.

What happens when I connect with an Early Alert Advisor? The Early Alert Advisor will make a plan with you to improve your grades and make referrals to the appropriate supports when needed. All connections with the Early Alert Advisor are confidential.

What if I don’t want to connect with an Early Alert Advisor? The choice is entirely yours. If you have a sense of the supports you need please feel free to connect with the Student Services that best fits you.