Status of Women Review Committee

A joint committee of Brandon University Faculty Association and Brandon University.

“Committed to equal opportunities for women in the university community”.

Members of the SWRC for 2019-2020:

  • Arts Faculty: Dr. Lisa Wood
  • Education Faculty:  Dr. Candy Skyhar
  • Health Studies: Ms. Candice Waddell
  • Music Faculty: Ms. Gretta Sayers
  • Science Faculty: Dr. Julie Chamberlain
  • BUFA: Nadine Smith
  • Board of Governors: Ms. Katie Kerkowich
  • Deans and Directors: Mrs. Katie Gross
  • Library/Student Services: Ms. Morganna Malyon
  • Past Chair: Dr. Cathryn Smith
  • Current Chair: Ms. Candice Waddell
  • Ex-Officio: Cheryl Fleming

Upcoming Events 2019-2020

See the side bar for workshops that are planned.

Quinquennial Reviews:

Women’s Research Network:

See the side bar for workshops that have been offered … and notes from them

Women’s Research Network Mentors (updated September 2019):

Dr. Meg Carrington

Dr. Shannon Gadbois

Dr. Rosanne Gasse

Ms. Carla Navid

Mrs. Kathleen Nichol

Dr. Fran Racher

Dr. Kelly Saunders

Dr. Sheila Scott

Dr. Marion Terry

Dr. Lynn Whidden