Status of Women Review Committee

The Status of Women Review Committee is a joint committee of the Brandon University Faculty Association and Brandon University. Established in 1988, the SWRC is “Committed to equal opportunities for women in the university community”.

Members of the SWRC for 2021-2022:

  • Arts Faculty: Ms. Lisa Wood
  • Education Faculty:  Dr. Michelle Lam
  • Health Studies: Ms. Nadine Smith
  • Music Faculty: Dr. Gretta Sayers
  • Science Faculty: Dr. Sarah Plosker
  • BUFA: Ms. Cora Dupuis
  • Board of Governors: Ms. Katie Kerkowich
  • Deans and Directors: Mrs. Katie Gross
  • Library/Student Services: Ms. Morganna Malyon
  • Current Chair: Ms. Candice Waddell
  • Ex-Officio: Ms. Cheryl Fleming

Quinquennial Reviews:

    Women’s Research Network:

    See the side bar for workshops that have been offered … and notes from them

    Women’s Research Network Mentors (updated September 2020):

    Dr. Meg Carrington

    Dr. Shannon Gadbois

    Dr. Rosanne Gasse

    Ms. Carla Navid

    Mrs. Kathleen Nichol

    Dr. Fran Racher

    Dr. Kelly Saunders

    Dr. Sheila Scott

    Dr. Marion Terry

    Dr. Lynn Whidden