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By Julie Chamberlain, Cora Dupuis, Cheryl Fleming, Gretta Sayers, Candy Skyhar, Nadine Smith, Candice Waddell-Henowitch, and Lisa Wood


Public health research across the province, country, and around the world, has demonstrated that the impacts of the COVID – 19 pandemic have been unequal and inequitable, with people who are structurally and systemically disadvantaged bearing the brunt of the health, economic, and social burdens of the pandemic, including the loss of life.

In the fall of 2020, the Status of Women Review Committee (SWRC) set out to study the impact of the COVID – 19 pandemic with an online qualitative survey and individual interviews with Brandon University Faculty Association (BUFA) members who identify as
marginalized by gender.

36 individuals participated in the online qualitative survey and 8 of those participants
agreed to provide more information in a virtual interview.

Key Findings

You will see from the executive summary, and the full report that the participants provided us information on how the pandemic has affected their caregiving responsibilities, teaching and learning, research and creative practice, administrative duties, academic service, their well-being, and vacation and time off. In addition, the participants provided us information on how they felt supported (or not supported) by BU and recommendations for Brandon University to provide further required supports for gender-marginalized faculty.

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Executive Summary

Full Report

Research Connection – April 2021

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