Teaching & Learning

Centre for Teaching, Learning, & Technology (CTLT)

The Centre for Teaching, Learning, & Technology provides leadership and expertise in pedagogy and technology in support of teaching and learning at Brandon University.  The CTLT enhances the practice, culture, and scholarship of teaching and learning by:

  • promoting effective teaching, including support for creative pedagogical practices, curriculum development, and evaluation;
  • providing regular and focused faculty development activities; and
  • providing guidance and support for the adoption and use of instructional technologies.

Awards & Recognition

Brandon University recognizes outstanding faculty members in the areas of teaching and research through a variety of awards, including the Senate Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Senate Award for Excellence in Research.  In addition, a number of named professorships have been established for accomplished and note-worthy faculty.  The Stanley Knowles Distinguished Visiting Professor (SKDVP) is an opportunity to bring a scholar or scholars who have an international reputation in research/scholarship to Brandon University.