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Accept the Respect Challenge Today!

On March 11, the Workplace Wellness Task Force launched the RESPECT Campaign and challenged the members of the President’s Administrative Council to complete the Respect in the Workplace online program as part of their commitment to putting people first and contributing to a healthy, inclusive and respectful workplace and learning environment for all members of the campus community.

They completed the 90-minute, self-paced program and now pass along the Respect Challenge to you.

The Respect Challenge is a friendly competition between areas on campus to see which group can achieve the highest completion rate of program within 60 days.  Faculty and staff have been placed in the same groups used for the Guarding Minds @ Work survey in 2014.  Each week the top three groups with the highest percentage of people who have completed the program will be announced, and each group will receive a poster to chart their progress.  Prizes will be up for grabs at the end of the 60-day Challenge.

The Respect in the Workplace program addresses workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment and ensures employees have the information and tools necessary to recognize and respond to these types of situations.

Challenge Links:

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Weekly Respect Challenge Results

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