About Learning Skills

We are part of the Academic Skills Centre in Student Services, located in Room 102 of the A.E. McKenzie Building, just down the hall from the Library. Our primary goal is to help students to become more efficient learners with greater confidence and skill.

Learning Skills Services FAQs

Why should I use the learning skills services?

Learning Skills services can help you develop an efficient and flexible set of study skills, helping you improve your study habits and techniques. You can learn new strategies for goal setting, time management, note-taking, studying, test-taking, and more.

How much do the learning skills services cost?

Learning Skills services are free to all Brandon University students.

Who is the learning skills services for?

Learning Skills services are for EVERYONE. We meet you were you’re at in your courses and help you to improve your studying, your grades  and your confidence!

What are the learning skills services available?

Individual appointments, workshops, peer support from a Learning Coach, and online resources are all available. For detailed information about the learning skills services please visit the Learning Skills page.

I have questions about the learning skills services.

Please call 1-204-727-7472  or email Sheilagh _         grillssh@brandonu.ca