Learning Skills Online Modules

Check out our Moodle page for the Learning Skills Online Modules. These modules host videos and online resources that cover a variety of academic skills topics to help you become a successful student at BU. You can go through these modules in any order you prefer and at your own pace.

Learning Skills Online Modules

How to access the Learning Skills Online Modules?

To access the learning skills online modules:

  1. Go to the BU Moodle Site
  2.  Log in with your BU username and password
  3. Scroll over the magnifying glass on the top right hand side of the page
  4. Click on “Search Courses”
  5. Type “Learning Skills Online Modules”
  6. Scroll through the search results for “Learning Skills Online Modules”
  7. Click on “Click to enter this course”

Problems with the Learning Skills Online Modules ?

Please email Sheilagh Grills, Learning Skills Specialist, grillssh@brandonu.ca