Online Resource Guide

Strategies and resources for effective learning

Time Management          

University studies require more independent learning outside of class and lab instruction. Learn to take charge of your schedule and make the best use of your study time.


Reading Textbooks       

University readings may not be as easy to understand or remember as other types of reading. Explore these guidelines for reading difficult text material and getting the most of the time (and money) you put into your textbooks.


Taking Notes               

Lectures can involve active listening and recording while trying to understand complex material in new jargon. Check out these suggestions for identifying what is important to write down from a lecture, and how to take notes so that you understand what you’ve written down later in the term.


Strategies for Exams

When you are prepared for a test, you can turn it into an opportunity to strut your stuff! Start preparing for exams a little bit at a time and using these strategies to reduce test anxiety and improve performance.


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