Online Resource Guide

Time Management

Strategies for planning your semester, reducing procrastination, and organizing your time.

BU John E. Robbins Library Hours

Check out other spots on campus for places to study:

  • the Down Under for tables and group work (under the Main Dining Room by the Office of International Activities),
  • the comfy couches with charging stations down the hall from the library by Student Services,
  • the welcoming Indigenous Peoples’ Centre next to the Evans Theatre,
  • and the quiet study rooms on the 2nd to 4th floors of Clark Hall.

Making Learning a Habit: You CAN do this!

Reading Textbooks

Guidelines for reading difficult text material and getting the most out of your readings.

Taking Notes From Lectures

Suggestions for identifying what is important in a lecture, and how to take notes so that you understand what you’ve written later in the semester!

Strategies for Exams

Understanding the terms used in essay exam questions

Look for the key word that tells you how to answer the question. You will lose marks if you misunderstand what the instructor wants.

  • Discuss – Consider important characteristics and main points.
  • Illustrate – Explain using examples or figures that clarify a point or idea.
  • Describe – Recount, characterize, sketch or relate in a narrative form.
  • Summarize – Cover the major points in brief form.
  • Criticize – Express your judgment by discussion limitations & contributions.
  • Explain – Give facts and details that make the idea clear & understandable. Reconcile any differences in opinion or experimental results.
  • Compare – Show how items are similar, discover resemblances.
  • Contrast – Stress dissimilarities or differences.
  • Evaluate – Appraise the strengths and weaknesses of the topic in a logical way.
  • Define – Give an accurate meaning of the term with sufficient detail. Differentiate the particular object from all others in its class.
  • Trace – Describe the development of a process/event in chronological order.
  • List – Recount, one-by-one, in concise form.
  • Review – Analyze and comment briefly on major points of the problem.
  • Justify – Prove or show grounds for decisions using convincing evidence.