Employment Policies & Practices

Employment policies and practices help everyone understand the obligations and expectations of being an employee at Brandon University.  We have created Employment Policies binders for all areas on campus.  These yellow binders are a good onboarding resource for new employees to familiarize themselves with University practices.  Current employees are also encouraged to read through the various practices and policies as well.  By making these accessible in print and online, this reduces a possible barrier to information.

The key policies and practices include:

Pre-Employment Practices

Employment Practices

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy

Accessibility Policy

Accommodation Policy and Procedures

Sexualized Violence Policy

IT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) 2022

Please take the time to review each of these policies.  Once you have, complete the fillable Policies Acknowledgement form and send it to HR at hr@brandonu.ca.  This form will be retained in your personnel file.  As we update policies, the revisions will be posted online and in the binder  in your work area.