Plan an Accessible Event on Campus

Event-Planning Checklist

Advertising the event:

  • Give ample notice for the event so people can make transportation arrangements
  • Provide space on the registration form to allow people to identify their accommodation or special needs
  • Include accessibility symbols on the materials (poster, invitation)
  • If providing food, give participants the opportunity to request dietary preferences

Access to the event location:

  • Make sure there are transportation options and the entrance is wheelchair accessible
  • Make sure there are no cords or obstacles at the entrance

Room planning:

  • Is the room large enough to accommodate wheelchair users?
  • Does the room allow for ease of movement/wide aisles?
  • Does the room have good lighting?
  • Are the stage and screen easily visible?
  • Is there an accessible washroom within reasonable distance?

People resources:

  • If you have volunteers, make sure they are trained with respect to aiding those
    with disabilities
  • Book sign language interpreter or computerized notetaker, if requested (may take 2-3 weeks to book)
  • If food is served, be sure to include the notetakers, interpreters in the count
  • Encourage everyone to refrain from using strong scents

Presenters & Presentations:

  • Remind presenters to keep to the schedule as those who are arranging transportation are on a tight schedule with little flexibility
  • Remind presenters to have printed copies of their presentations, preferably in larger print (12-16 pt font)
  • Make sure the lecturn is adjustable or have alternate lecturn options for presenters’ varying needs
  • Encourage presenters to use captioned videos


  • Keep in mind that computerized notetakers cost approximately $40/hr.
  • Locate where the closest TTY pay phone is on campus and provide information to those participants who may need it

Evaluating the Event:

  • Distribute written evaluations that include a section for participants to comment on the accessibility of the event.

Adapted from the Canadian Association of Disability Service Providers in Post-Secondary Education