Da Capo Conference

The Da Capo conference is a one-day professional development event that includes workshops and seminars designed to enrich the learning of music educators. Past topics have included working with vocal jazz ensembles, creating a pit band for your musical, preparing and directing an elementary musical, selecting junior high band repertoire, starting a jazz band rhythm section, accessing programs and services of the Manitoba Band Association (MBA), negotiating a successful job interview, reinforcing conducting fundamentals, and much more!

2021 Conference

The Brandon University Student Music Educators Association (BUSMEA) is pleased to announce the 15th annual Da Capo Conference. The Da Capo Conference is an all-day workshop of professional development opportunities for music educators. Our keynote speaker, Roger Mantie, is an associate professor and program director at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Mr. Mantie will be presenting “Teaching for Health and Happiness”, which explores how curricular and instructional practices can be oriented toward long-term student wellbeing. Throughout the day, we will be offering sessions such as COVID classroom strategies, conducting, digital literacy, communication skills, self-care, and social justice. As it is Da Capo’s 15th annual conference, we have presenters from all across Canada such as Erik Leung, Zoltan Virag, Doug Friesen, Kevin Doell, Sarah Hall, Michelle Chyzyk, Mary Lynn Berti, and Wendy McCallum. Da Capo will be held virtually on January 16th, 2021 from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We hope to see you there!

All are welcome to attend Da Capo, including music educators, music education students, music administrators, education students, performance students, and high-school students interested in music education. Registration forms and schedule information will be available at https://www.brandonu.ca/busmea/da-capo-conference/.

Feel free to contact any BUSMEA member or email busmea@brandonu.ca for any questions. Another way to keep up with BUSMEA events is through our Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/bu_busmea/.

Da Capo Schedule 2021

Da Capo 2021 Registration Form

Da Capo 2021 Survey

2020 Conference

 The Brandon University Music Educators Association (BUSMEA) has been busy preparing for our annual Da Capo Conference! Da Capo is a one-day professional development conference that provides music educators of all levels a chance to network and participate in workshops and seminars. Our keynote speaker is Bob Lee, Director of Field Experience and Chair of the Graduate Studies Program in BU’s Faculty of Education.  Mr. Lee, with twenty years of experience as an administrator in the Brandon School Division, will present his vision of professionalism in today’s landscape. Sessions encompassing Orff, jazz programs, communication skills, conducting, musical theatre, fiddle fundamentals and more will be presented by educators that include Alexis Silver, Kevin Doell, Anna Penno, Michelle Chyzyk, Cindy Sallans, and Wendy McCallum. Mark your calendars for January 18th, 2020 in the School of Music at Brandon University in the Queen Elizabeth II Music Building. For more information or to register for Da Capo, go to https://www.brandonu.ca/busmea/da-capo-conference/  or email questions to busmea@brandonu.ca.

Da Capo Schedule 2020

Da Capo 2021 Registration Form

Da Capo 2020 Survey

2019 Conference

The Brandon University Music Educators Association (BUSMEA) has been preparing for our annual Da Capo Conference! Da Capo is a one-day professional development conference that provides, music educators of all levels, a chance to participate in workshops and seminars. These sessions are designed to further professional development of music educators and allows for networking opportunities among music educators. This year, Da Capo will be held on January 19th 2019 at Brandon University in the Queen Elizabeth II Music Building. Our Keynote Speaker is Michael Brandon from Selkirk Manitoba. He will be sharing his knowledge on the cultural and pedagogical foundations in a band room. He recently spoke at the Saskatchewan Music Education Conference and has received a multitude of positive feedback on this topic. You can look forward to hearing about the pillars of a strong music program (cultural and pedagogical) and your ideal vision of a band program in the context of its larger purpose and design at this keynote. We have a variety of sessions lined up for the 2019 Da Capo Conference including ORFF presentations, technology in the classroom, differences between male and female learners, fiddling, conducting workshops, captivating the masses with choral repertoire and more! Educators such as Kevin Doell, Roberta Matheson, Jack Hodge, Justine Burke, Graydon Cramer, Taylor Schmidt and Dr. Wendy McCallum will be sharing their knowledge on these subjects with conference participants. Mark your calendars for the 2019 Da Capo conference on Saturday, January 19th, 2019. For more information or to register for Da Capo, go to https://www.brandonu.ca/busmea/da-capo-conference/


Wondering who is presenting and what topics will be covered at the 2019 Da Capo Conference? See the brochure and draft schedule below!

Da Capo Presenter Brochure 2019

Draft Da Capo Schedule 2019


2018 Conference

The eleventh annual Da Capo Conference was held on January 20st, 2018.