Handouts from Da Capo Conference

Handouts from 2023:

Scores for Brandon Grade 8-9 Wind Ensemble Performance

Canticle – Douglas E. Wagner

Arctic Wars – Brian Balmages

Dr. Wendy Zander McCallum – Demonstrated Learning: A Festival Performance, Adjudication, and Workshop

Erin Dodds – Planning for Learning: Negotiating the Musical, Administrative and Logistical Elements of Festival Performance

Melissa Spraggs, Janelle Wilts – Sol-Fun

Dr. Wendy Zander McCallum – Conducting FUNdamentals

Ken Gold – Introduction to Groove and Swing for Young Musicians


Handouts from 2020:

Shannon Graham – Orff Instruments through the Grades: A Scope and Sequence

Dr. Wendy McCallum – Conducting FUNdamentals

Angie Weisgerber – Music K-4 and So Much More!

Anna Penno – Maiden Voyage- Elements of a Quality Jazz Program in your First Teaching Job

Michelle Chyzyk – Planning for a Successful Musical

Michelle Chyzyk –Planning for a Successful Musical

Anna Penno – Starting Your School Year Off Right(Band)

Alexis Silver & Sara Sulyma – Teaching with Diversity in Mind

Alexis Silver & Cindy Sallans – Teaching with Wellness In Mind


Handouts from 2019:

Dr. Wendy McCallum – Conducting FUNdamentals  

Roberta Matheson –  Captivating the Masses

Taylor Schmitt – Steps to Build a Complete Band Program


Handouts from 2018:

Anna Penno – Anna Pennos Handout

Dr. Wendy McCallum – Conducting FUNdamentals

Chloe Plamondon and Abby Ziprick – Creating Successful Partnerships in Student Teaching

Chloe Plamondon – Budgeting Handouts


Handouts from 2016:

Taylor Schmidt – Concert To DoSummer To DoTrip To DoYear End To Do.

Graydon Cramer – What on earth Do I Do With my Percussion