The Buzz

Welcome to the Buzz. In the past, BUSMEA had created newsletters, which were published three times per year. The newsletters contained articles that were included by students, faculty and professionals in the field who wished to share their experiences and opinions. This year, to carry on the ideas of the former BUSMEA Buzz, the 2019-2020 council has decided to start a podcast series. The podcasts will feature a variety of topics related to both the music education field as well as life as a student.

I hope you enjoy our first podcast where I had the opportunity to sit down with the Dean of the School of Music, Greg Gatien, and discuss ways in which music students can stay motivated during their degree.
– Kaylynne MacDiarmid
BUSMEA President 2019-2020


2019-2020 Podcasts

Marla Fontaine – Classroom Management

Missed the classroom management clinic with Marla? Here you can listen to what went down!


Music Student Roundatable – C.A.K.E.

Students discuss practice methods and so much more! Take a listen here:

Melanie Urichuk – Building up a Choir Program – In this podcast, Melanie shares her experiences of building her choir program. Be sure to take a listen to learn about recruitment!


Greg Gatien – Motivation for Students throughout their Degree


Erin Dodds – Clinic on Clinics Podcast

In this Podcast, we have Ms. Erin. Dodds giving us insightful details on how to have the best clinics and be the best clinician we can possibly be. Ms. Dodds goes into depth about what to do before the clinic, during the clinic and after the clinic plus some extra information! This podcast is the right one for you if you have never conducted a clinic before or just need a refresher on how to have the best clinic!


Brendan Thompson: Percussion Answers for Teachers

In this podcast, the Brandon University Percussion Professor, Brendan Thompson, answers some questions about percussion and percussion pedagogy for the classroom or private instruction. Happy listening!


John Hodge: Why is Instrument Tech Important

Why is instrument tech important? What can I do to get the most out of it? What will make it easier for teachers to teach beginning instrumentalists? All these questions and more are answered in this podcast with John Hodge.


Avonlea Armstrong-Green: Choir and IPA

This podcast contains an interview of BU graduate Avonlea Armstrong-Green and her expereince as a choir teacher. She currently teaches choir at Sturgeon Heights Collegaite in Winnipeg. If you have questions about choir directing, and how to incorporate IPA into everyday classrooms, this is a great resource for you! Check it out below.

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