Why Co-op?

How Can Co-op Benefit You?

Benefits include:

  • Funding: Assistance navigating financing opportunities. When hiring a Co-op student there is funding available to help with their salary or cost of training. Learn more.
  • Flexibility: Students can help you initiate new projects, complete existing projects or provide relief during peak periods. Help when full-time employers are on leave to ensure you do not lose productivity.
  • Energy and ideas: Co-op provides you with a year-round connection to enthusiastic student employees who are excited to bring new ideas to your workplace. If you are executing a special project and lack the people or the skills to take it to completion, hiring BU talent with a variety of academic backgrounds will help you get started.
  • Interim employees: It takes about 90 days to fill a new position, plus another 30 days for the candidate to start. That’s 120 days, on average, that a position stays open and productivity suffers. Keep the ball rolling by hiring BU Co-op students while you coordinate place a skilled, permanent candidate.

Majors with Co-op

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