Blended Learning

Blended Learning Toolkit: a free, open resource for educational institutions interested in developing or expanding their blended learning initiatives from the University of Central Florida. Includes how to design and develop blended learning courses, templates, model classes, effective practices, and guidance for evaluation. Great Resource.

Best Practices for Blended Learning: from the University of Waterloo. Links at the bottom of the page to good tips for instructors.

ELI Discovery Tool: Blended Learning Workshop Guide: another good guide to how to design and develop a blended learning course. From EDUCAUSE.

Effective Ways to Structure Discussion: Great article on ways to structure discussion and keep students at the centre of the discussion. From Faculty Focus Newsletter from January 14, 2015.

Structuring Discussions: On-line and Face-to-Face: Good suggestions for structuring your class discussions from Faculty Focus Newsletter on September 25, 2013.

Coaching Strategies to Enhance Online Discussions: from Faculty Focus Newsletter on March 23, 2015.