CTLT Resources

Here you will find links to presentations, online resources and documents that support student-centred, evidence-based teaching and learning. These resources have been organized into five key aspects of sharing and checking knowledge to help you prepare anew or adjust existing courses.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning focuses on recent research in the neuroscience of learning and effective practices in teaching. It offers reasons and resources why some educational methods might work better than others.

Engage with Purpose covers techniques and approaches to foster and maintain student engagement with the purposes of your course.

Support to Challenge provides methods to help you support students as they gain knowledge, skills and judgments with which to face the challenges of your field. This section offers suggestions of ways to structure optimal challenges.

Assess Often presents ways to enable your students and you to assess their progress toward course goals. Summative evaluation options are also covered in this section.

Teaching with Technology contains links to technologies in use at BU which have been found to help students learn and provide greater flexibility for the teacher. Other links suggest means by which you might investigate the efficacy of a new tool.