Personal Response Systems (clickers and others)

General Information

CWSEI Clicker Resources: from the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (CWSEI) at the University of British Columbia. Includes the Clicker Resource Guide below and links to videos, articles, and examples.

Clicker Resource Guide: a general guide to when and how to use clickers in the classroom.

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Learning Theories

Turning Technologies Response Solutions Learning Theories

Writing Questions for Personal Response Systems

Turning Technologies – Asking Meaningful Questions

Tips for Using Physical Clickers

Clickers in the Classroom: An active leaning approach from EDUCAUSE. Scroll down to the second paragraph after the link to Table 2. You will find suggestions for “Best Practices for Implementing Clickers in the Classroom”. These are 18 great tips or suggestions for using clickers.

Getting Started with TurningPoint: from Turning Point Technologies

7 Things You Should Know about Clickers: from EDUCAUSE

Clickers in the College Classroom: (5:51 minute video) from Western Washington University.

Michael Charette’s Clickers Presentation: from December 11, 2014 in BB Theatre A

Managing Physical Clickers

Tips for Using Clickers in the Classroom: practical tips from the University of Saskatchewan

How Pepperdine Launched and Manages Clickers in the Classroom

Alternatives to Physical Clickers

Alternatives to Physical Clickers in the Classroom

Top Students pay a fee, free for teachers

PollEverywhere: classroom response system using personal devices, watch the 1:00 minute video on the home page

Kahoot: a game-based classroom response system

Examples of Using Personal Response Systems in the classroom

Eric Mazur demonstrating using ConcepTests: (8:21 minute video )

SEI Videos from the University of BC: Links to many videos of interactive classes in Science and Math.