COVID-19 Updates

Please see for updated information about Brandon University’s pandemic response.

General Guidelines

  • Stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick. Anyone displaying illness will be sent home. If you cannot attend in person, virtual lessons may be arranged with your teacher.
  • Wearing of masks is strongly encouraged and supported, wherever possible.
  • Any changes to our in-person instruction protocols will be communicated to students, teachers and families and updated on our website.
  • For Conservatory registration purposes, lessons delivered in person will be considered equal to lessons delivered online.

      Access to Campus Spaces

      • The QEII building is open to the general public. Private groups may still require proof of vaccination, masks, or adopt other protocols as circumstances warrant. Thank you for continuing to be kind, for being understanding and compassionate, and for being respectful in the choices that others make.


        • Any questions about COVID-19 policies should be directed to the Conservatory Director.