Program Coordinator

Dr. Christopher Malcolm (Associate Professor) Department of Geography & Environment, Room 4-05, John R. Brodie Science Centre
Phone: (204) 727-9770, Email: malcolmc@brandonu.ca

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Environmental Science Advisory Committee

Faculty Research Interests

  • Dr. Vincent Chen, Chemistry
  • Dr. David R. Greenwood, Biology (climate change, paleobotany, paleoclimates, fossil parks)
  • Dr. Alex Koiter, Geography & Environment
  • Jack Lindsay, ADES (natural and technological hazards, risk assessment, hazard mitigation, land-use planning)
  • Dr. Christopher Malcolm, Geography & Environment (wildlife management, protected areas, biogeography)
  • Dr. Terence McGonigle, Biology (plants, soils)
  • Dr. Doug Ramsey, Rural Development (resource management, environment policy)
  • Dr. Pamela Rutherford, Biology (conservation, behaviour)
  • Dr. Wendy A. Untereiner, Biology (fungal biology, ascomycete systematics)
  • Dr. Pete Whittington, Geography & Environment (hydrology, peatlands, restoration)