Spring Convocation 2014

A total of six (6) students graduated with their B.Sc. in Environmental Science – we wish them the very best with their environmental science careers!

  • Morgen Burke – Silver Medal winner
  • Braden Mackay
  • Nnanna (Frank) Obiahu
  • Stacey Patterson
  • Zachary Polk
  • Brett Tuchscherer

Fall 2010 Student Presentations
(work experience and Topics research projects)

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Wednesday December 8th – Brodie Building Room 3-42 at 1:30PM.

Rebekah Neufeld – Plant community in relation to elevation and canopy in a spruce bog near Hudson Bay.  (Dr. McGonigle)

Friday December 10th – Brodie Building Room 3-42 starting at 1:40PM

1:40pm – Whitney Wright – Work Experience at  EnerPlus: oil field remediation.
(Dr. D. Greenwood)

2:00pm – Kayla Hagenson – The Importance of Manure Management and Planning. (Dr. D. Greenwood / Dr. Jackson*)

2:20pm – Kali Meadows – Movement patterns of common snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina) in southwestern Manitoba. (Drs C. Malcolm &  P.Rutherford)

2:40pm – Ashley Mushumanski – Alberta’s Beef Industry: Quantification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Potential Mitigation Strategies. (Drs D.Greenwood & J. Aalhus*)

3:00pm – Svan Sinclair – Spatial analysis and characteristics of Culex tarsalis larval habitats in Brandon, Manitoba: Controlling West Nile Virus vector populations in an urban environment. (W. Gallaway)

Some students completed a co-op project with scientists* at an external site, principally Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada (Brandon Research Centre & Lacombe Research Centre), working at that institute.

Kyle Reid graduated in 2009 (pictured with Dr. Greenwood, Program Co-ordinator, and Dr. Mumin, Chair of Geology). Mr. Reid’s final year project was supervised by Dr. Mumin. He commenced a Masters program in geology at the University of Saskatchewan in fall 2009.

Fall 2009 Student Presentations (Thursday, December 10, 2009: 2pm in Brodie 1-24)

2009-10 Environmental Science Student Projects

  • Brandi Prouten (Identification and Assessment of Possible IMPARA Sites in Manitoba: Dr Rutherford)
  • Katy Singleton (Recycling Program Effectiveness in Brandon, Manitoba: Dr Rutherford)
  • Braden Wolfe (Inter-row tillage/and mowing for small grain organic crop production: Dr Greenwood, Dr Byron Irvine, BRC)

May 30, 2009. The Environmental Science class of 2009 graduated at BU Convocation.

Congratulations to: Sharla Boychuk, Ryan Lowe, Alix Phillips, Kyle Reid, and Kelly Tiller.

Scholarships and Bursaries

  • Joy & Cam Finley Bursary in Environmental Science
  • Nathan Chubak Scholarship in Environmental Science
  • Nexen Chemicals Scholarship in Environmental Science